2016: The Year of the Press

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2016 Blog Theme

Now that you have celebrated holidays and enjoyed your loved ones, how is your vision for 2016 looking? Have you received your word from the Lord on what your 2016 is going to look like?

We are 4 days into the new year and it’s not too late to get your one word from the Lord. I want to encourage you to spend time in prayer over these next several days to get clarity on what God’s plan for your life is in 2016. Write down everything He tells you exactly as He gives it to you. Don’t try to make sense of it or figure it out. Just do it!

2015 was our year of New Beginnings and our scripture was Isaiah 43:18-19! God has definitely done some new things that has completely blown our minds.

2016 is the year of the Press for us and our theme scripture is Philippians 3:14! Our focus during the first quarter is going to be praying effectively. We have some exciting new things coming in the next year that is going to require much prayer in order for them to be successful. We ask that you keep the ministry in your prayers.






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