He Rescued Me

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Psalm 18:16 (NLT)

He reached down from heaven and rescued me;  he drew me out of deep waters.


God saw me. He reached down from where He was and came to me. Where was I you say? I was in the deep waters where nobody was willing to come. The deep waters that comes as a result of a person who has no clue about her true identity. A person who walked around being what her environment shaped her to be. Walking around with a false identity because she had yet to meet the one of knew who she truly was and were created to be. How many in the earth were willing to look past her faults and see her need? God came down to rescue me. Rescue me from me. He drew me out of false identity, self-rejection, and walking around aimlessly. God rescued me. Rescued me from the choices I made in hopes of fulfilling the void in my life that was stamped, “somebody please love me, for me.” God drew me OUT. This was a case of identity theft. The enemy was stealing from me the purpose in which I was created. I was created to expose Him, and bring others OUT of their deep waters. God saw me. He came to me. He drew me OUT of the deep waters and showed me how to swim, “In Him.” I am free to be who He created me to be. I am free to walk out the purpose and plan He has for me. I am free from false identity. Why? Because God saw me. He came to me. He drew me out of deep waters….. That’s the power of God’s love.


Lord, I am thankful for the power of your love. I am thankful that you came to bring me into your wondrous love. Thank you for coming where no one else was willing to come. In Jesus name, amen.



Written by: Yerinita T. Curtis-Fuller

Yerinita T. Curtis-Fuller is a gifted author and teacher. Possessing a true aptness to encourage, empower and uplift all who comes across her path. She has mentored others for over a decade. She has an AA Degree in Human Services Management and now pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Yerinita and her husband, Larry, reside in the Chicago land area where they raise seven beautiful children.


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