I Trust In Him

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Scripture: Isaiah 12:2 (KJV) : Behold , God is my salvation ; I will trust , and be not afraid: for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and song; and he also is become my salvation.


Observation: God is the foundation of our confidence so we must trust in him. Allowing him to be our source of strength and to guide us along the way without ever second guessing his actions. We must continue to be a firm believer with every step of this journey we are walking in. In God’s hands our salvation and life will always be safe. So turn it over to him!


Application: God wants us to trust in his word everyday. When you are feeling like no one is there to for you just call on God and your energy level will shoot through the roof. Your salvation is so precious so just choose to give all your troubles to God and to not let the worrisome heart not be troubled anymore.



Prayer: God, we may not have all the faith that we need to have but we are going to start trusting in you with all our faults from this day forth. We know that there is only God that we can depend on and we are ready to turn our salvation over to your hands and walk away with clean slate knowing that you have the last say so. We will no longer be afraid but we will be joyful with any situation with a song in our heart. In Jesus’ name we pray on this day, Amen.






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