New Seasons Require New Actions

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New Seasons Blog Post



New Seasons Require New Actions (listen to clip up from a Periscope earlier this year- follow us @GreaterWomen)


In order for you to be in a New Season you must:

  • Change how you think
  • Change how you speak
  • Change your attitude
  • Change your posture
  • Change your circle

You cannot enter into “NEW” with the same old stuff.

You must have some New Actions to make it a reality.

  • Declare that I have the mind of Christ
  • Choose to speak life no matter what the situation
  • Exhibit a positive attitude at all times
  • You must maintain a posture of prayer continuously
  • Ask God to show you who you need to be divinely connected and disconnected from. Examine to see if the people you hang with now is where you want to be in future.


It’s one thing to declare a new season but it’s another thing to actually live it. This year has been declared our Year Of New Beginnings here at Greater Working Women Ministries. It took some new actions that weren’t always easy to make for us but we wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t done it. Life is too short to live in regrets. Whatever God has called you to do, now is the time to do it. When He gives you a creative idea, witty invention, business, ministry or whatever it may be, He also obligates Himself to provide for it. You don’t have to worry about that at all. Listen to His voice and follow His instructions. That confirms your New Season!




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