October Prayer10 Focus

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Are you keeping up with the #Prayer10 challenge? I must admit that I have been slack in posting the focus for each month but I’m back on track today. Let us all be intentional about praying for all of our relationships. Don’t leave any relationship uncovered. Often times we forget just how powerful and influential our relationships are in our lives. They help make key decisions and shape our opinions about other people, political views, financial investments, day to day operations in our businesses and so much more. We tend to go to people we trust to get their opinion on an issue or important decisions we must make in our lives. It’s essential that we cover our relationships in prayer because they help shape our lives.

Let us pray:

Father, I thank you for every relationship that I have the privilege of being connected too. I ask that you first forgive me for not praying for my relationships more earnestly. I sometimes forget just how much influence and power my relationships have in my life. I lift up every person that is a family, friend, co-worker, church member, community member and all that I am in relationship with. I speak peace into their lives right now in Jesus name. May they keep their minds stayed on you and help them to make sound decisions. Grant them godly wisdom and discernment. Help them to see what you see. Cover their families right now and keep them safe from hurt, harm and danger. Help them to be emotionally healthy and stable in everything they do. Help them to be good stewards of their finances and give them favor in their businesses and on their jobs. Send new clients their way that are assigned to them and that will pay them on time. Open up doors for them that will position them exactly where you already have ordained them to be. I pray that they will allow the Word to work in their lives. I pray they are in right relationship with you and when they sin they will confess and repent quickly. I pray that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against them shall be condemned.. That they will not get weary in well doing but they will persevere through every challenge that may come their way. I pray that we are real friends towards one another. That we love each other unconditionally and that we love one another enough to amend quickly and correct when a wrong has been done. Help us to be like Jonathan and David. Remove any connections in their lives that should not be and help them to see the truth clearly even if it hurts. I pray that they would acknowledge you in all things and live so that you can get the glory out of their lives. Let your will be done for them on earth as it is already written heaven. In Jesus name I pray and give thanks, amen!

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