Pray for Orlando

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As many of you have already heard of the mass shooting in Orlando, it is our duty to pray for them. What makes my heart sad are the rude comments about the lifestyle of the club goers. Does the fact that they were gay make them any less human? Does it make their death any less important? Are people really that heartless? No, I don’t agree with their lifestyle but I am also not their judge.


Families lost loved ones! Families are now having to plan funeral services and pick up the pieces of their lives. We are mandated by the word of God to pray. It’s God that can change hearts. Your sin is no less than the sin of another, so why do we feel like we have a right to judge others for their sins?


Join us as we pray for these families:


Father, we ask that you comfort the families who have lost loved ones in this act of terrorism. We ask that you heal the bodies of those who were injured and pray for no more deaths in the name of Jesus! Lord, it’s hard for us to understand why these things happen but we trust you in all things. Help us to not sin in our anger towards the person who did this awful deed with no remorse. Help us to extend forgiveness even in these difficult circumstances. We pray for the terrorist that through some miracle you will be able to touch his heart. Lord have your way! In Jesus name, amen!



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