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#PRAYER10 (2)


#PRAYER10 started out as a 30-day prayer challenge. It is now a movement to remind us to spend 10 minutes a day in prayer with God. Luke 5:16 states, “And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed.” Jesus understood the necessity of prayer in His life and it is recorded many times in the bible where He left His disciples to go pray. (Note: There are some audio prayers at the bottom of this page so scroll all the way the down to listen to them.)3

We are often so busy with our schedules that we end up scheduling God right out of our lives. Our weekly worship services aren’t enough to keep us on this Christian journey. We need a personal relationship with God which requires us to spend time with Him daily.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t believe that they have enough time to spend with God. They believe that they need hours at a time when all they need is 10 minutes today. You would be surprised how only 10 minutes a day will make such a positive change in your life.

There have already been numerous people reporting how #PRAYER10 is changing their life! We are totally excited to hear this wonderful news. This is the whole point of this movement. To encourage the people of God to get back to one of the basics of our faith which is prayer.

T-shirts available for the entire family. Order yours today! We look forward to hearing how #PRAYER10 is impacting your life.

If you would like our ministry leader to come and teach a workshop, speak at your next prayer breakfast or prayer conference, please send an email to info@greaterwomen.com or fill out the Contact Us form.





Enjoy these prayers from Voicemail Victories, a project that I have the pleasure of being a contributor for my brother Felix Anderson.


Jehovah Nissi




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