S.O.A.P. Love Day 10

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Scripture: 2 Samuel 11-12:25 (David & Bathsheba)

Translation: King James Version

Resources: biblegateway.com; Matthew Henry Commentary

Observation: The relationship of David and Bathsheba evolved from an immoral desire of one person towards another. It wasn’t built on love and respect but from lust and deception. Though David is known as a man after God’s heart, at this point in his life, his thoughts were not on God.

Instead of being with his soldiers in battle, he had stayed behind. With idle time, his attention was captured by the sight of Bathsheba as she bathed. He could have looked away but instead yielded himself to temptation and pursued her.

David sent messengers and brought Bathsheba to him. He laid with her then sent her home. Perhaps he thought it was a one-time thing and no one would be the worse for it. But soon Bathsheba sent word to David that she was expecting a child. So began David’s trail of lies and failed attempts to cover his sin.

David brought Bathsheba’s husband Uriah home from war, hoping he would go in to her. But when he didn’t go in on his own, and a drunken attempt didn’t work, David purposely sent him back to the battlefront where he died. Bathsheba mourned for her husband and after a time of mourning David brought her to his house, made her his wife and she bore him a son. David no doubt thought by getting rid of Uriah his secret would be safe.

But nothing is hidden from God and the time came when David had to answer for his sins. God sent His prophet Nathan with a message of rebuke for David and his eyes were opened to what he had done. Though David judged himself unworthy of mercy, God showed him mercy. David repented and God took away his sin and spared his life but there were consequences for his sins. Because he had ignored the word of God and chose to do evil, the things he had done secretly would be done openly within his own family. Like David, choices we make in life, whether good or bad, will affect our future as well as those we love.


  1. David was not vigilant with his time
  2. He was tempted to sin
  3. He yielded to sin
  4. He tried to hide his sin
  5. He repented and God forgave him

Prayer: Thank you Father that you show us mercy even when we don’t deserve it. Help us to keep our attention on you and not give the enemy opportunity to distract us to sin. But let us remember if we do sin, we have an advocate in Jesus and it is possible to be forgiven and restored. Amen.


By: Carolyn Wease


Carolyn Wease

Carolyn Wease writes with the purpose to inspire her readers with a positive message. Her hope is that through writing she can give an encouraging word or an uplifting message to help someone. She is currently working on a series of children’s stores and gets great material from her eleven grandchildren! She has had two short essays published and most recently a devotional entitled “Ancient Stones, Timeless Encouragement”, that was a group effort with the Encouragers Christian Writers Group she is a part of.  Her goal, whether in her writing or her personal walk through life, is to point others to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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