S.O.A.P. Love Day 13

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A Love That Abuses: Ahab & Jezebel


Scripture – 1 Kings 16:29-34;18-19:2,21

Observation – Family legacies have a way of affecting our relationships in the future. As with Ahab, he came from a line of disobedient leaders that had wishy-washy relationships with God. His personal relationship with God was extremely strained as he was deemed the king that did “more evil in the eyes of the Lord than any of those before him (1 Kings 16:30).”

His marriage, although more of a political move, was rooted in evil and idolatry. It taught the people he led to receive and accept abuse in its most crafty forms – mental and spiritual. This caused the nation to straddle the fence between Godly and pagan worship, as well as believe violence and greed were normal attributes of healthy and powerful relationships amongst themselves and with God. His weakness and ability to be pliable by his wife’s schemes caused the demise of the moral compass of God’s people.

Jezebel’s manipulation of authority and lack of compassion evoked fear as well as mental abuse on the people God had entrusted her and her husband to be examples of His leadership and liberating love. The love of the true living God was irrelevant to the foundation of Ahab’s kingdom and his relationship with his wife. The character of God’s love is selfless and compassionate. Ahab’s marriage to Jezebel painted a picture of a “love” of based on weakness, corruption and greed. Jezebel, as an agent of witchcraft (2 Kings 9:22), used her gifts of persuasion, leadership, and ambition to paint a picture as well to divide the people and give them a false identity of God’s true love for them.


  1. Ahab was easily led by his wife to worship Baal and ushered spiritual corruption over those entrusted in his spiritual care. Ahab’s marriage example turned the people’s love to another god that perpetuated the cycle of selfishness and abuse.
  2. Jezebel invested not in her marriage and family to be fruitful for the kingdom of God, but in her position and authority to oppress others. We are to learn as women that how we treat our spouses, affects our children and their relationships with each other and with God.
  3. Ahab’s non-existent relationship with God played a major role in how he chose a mate. He was directed by lust and worldly ambitions, instead of purpose of character, godly work and love. Our eyes should not lead our hearts, but we should be led by the Holy Spirit in whom we choose to share our destiny with.
  4. In marriage, God designed a role for each spouse to fulfill. As wives, we are to submit to godly authority and use our gifts of persuasion to guide our husbands in the right direction through prayer and example.
  5. Our marriage is an example of how we run our businesses and other positions of leadership. Seek Godly counsel and wisdom to lead successfully.


Prayer – “Dear Lord, help us to seek you in our relationships. Without Your guidance, we are doomed to make bad choices. Lord, teach us in Your divine word how to be wives, and husbands after Your heart. Help us to be examples of the love You have for us, so that we may lead Your people in a loving relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, I pray Amen.”



Tonya Franklin



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Tonay Franklin

Tonya Franklin of Jackson, MS has been writing since the age of 13. She completed her first book at the age of 16, but never published it. She continued to feed her desire to write at Alcorn State University, where she majored in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. She has continued to write and has used her writings to inspire and educate.

She has served as a contributing writer for other publications such as Million Moms in Action and Speak Woman Magazine. She’s a blogger on event consulting and social media writer on Christian living, and is currently working on publishing her first Christian fiction novel and devotional e-book.

She is a woman who loves the Lord, and has spoken for churches and organizations on various topics that range from spiritual growth to everyday living. She is the Founder/Director of Covenant Girlz, an organization for young girls and women that serves to teach and train on Christian living. Her passion is to see young people saved and take leadership in kingdom building.



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