S.O.A.P. Love Day 17

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When Friends Become Enemies

Scripture: 1 Samuel 19:1-10; 20; 23:13-18



Saul who once loved David  very much has allowed jealousy to overcome him and now he is David’s enemy. David did nothing to Saul but served and honored him. I believe Saul saw in David what he was lacking and he became envious of David and soon despised him for it. Especially, when the people started to praise David for his accomplishments above Saul. The thing I love about David is that he never allowed that to distract him from his purpose. He stilled served the king in excellence. He still went to battle and fought for Israel. He didn’t allow that to come between his relationship with Jonathan. David still held on to his integrity and his character even when Saul tried to kill him with a spear. He never spoke of one evil word against Saul. David was a true example of a genuine friend and servant. He did not allow the negative actions of one person to cause him to act of character and disrespect.



What do you do when a friend becomes an enemy? Do you still love them? Do you still honor them? It’s not as easy as it sounds but it’s something that sets believers a part from the world. We have to learn how to love and treat our enemies with the love of God. It does not come natural. Instincts tell us to react in a negative way but the Spirit tells us to show love. We cannot allow the actions of person to control our emotions to the point where we act of character. Some of us our moved by the littlest, insignificant things instead of taking a step and asking ourselves, “Is it worth it?” We cannot control the actions of others but we are in control and responsible for how we respond. What will you do if you have to encounter a friend becoming an enemy?



Most holy Father, help me to be able to handle if a friend becomes an enemy. Give me the emotional strength to not act out of character. Give me the desire to love when people become unlovable. Help me to show kindness to those who plot evil against me and slander my name. Help me to have mercy on those who do it without cause. This will not be easy for me Lord, but I know that with Your help I will be able to do it with grace. In the precious name of Jesus I pray, amen!


By: Elder Chantea Williams



Chantea M. Williams is a chef, author, speaker and mentor, who loves encouraging teen mothers and women to become greater through the word of God. Through her gifts God created the Greater Working Women Ministries. They strive to encourage, empower and equip women from all walks of life to live out their God-given purpose with holy boldness. Philippians 1:6 is the vision verse for everything they do. She was recently ordained as an Elder at Greater Mt. Zion Church in Columbus, MS. Check out her newly released book series for teen moms called I Am Still Somebody™. She has also written The Greater Working Woman Devotional, Volume I & The Greater Working Woman Prayer Book, Volume I. Greater Working Women Ministries will be launching their teen mom mentoring program this Spring. This program will teach teen mothers life skills, parenting skills, how to make and complete their goals, find their passion and many more things they need to be greater women and greater mothers. Most importantly this program will help teen mothers to heal emotionally and affirming that they are Still Somebody. For more information on this program and other products or services please email info@greaterwomen.com.



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