S.O.A.P. Love Day 2

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The Cost of Disobedience in a Relationship

Scripture: Genesis 2-3



God created Adam and Eve in His image and likeness. They did not have a need that He did not provide for them. They were in a perfect relationship with God and each other. They were naked and not ashamed. They had communion with God daily. They had access to everything but this one tree. Out of all the trees in the garden they could eat from, God only told them not to eat from this one.

Obedience: compliance to an order or request or instructions.

Eve allowed an outsider into her relationship with God and her husband, which caused her and her husband to disobey God’s instructions. She allowed her curiosity to override God’s instructions. She allowed one conversation with an outsider turn her whole world upside down. Adam quickly forgot his role and ate of the fruit after his wife. Immediately, their eyes were opened and they wanted to cover up.

No one took responsibility for their actions. This is the first instance of the blame game. This disobedience cost them greatly. They were no longer able to be naked or transparent with each other without being ashamed. They tried to hide from God. They were punished, the ground was cursed and they were kicked out of the garden.



We have to guard our relationships against outsiders who only want to destroy it. When God blesses us with divine connections, our discernment must be on high alert. We should be able to be naked emotionally, spiritually and mentally in our relationships without having any shame. Be extremely careful who you allow to enter into your relationships. It only takes one conversation to lead you astray and turn your whole word upside down. Just ask Eve!

  • Who have you let into your relationships?
  • What role are they playing in your relationships?
  • Have they caused problems in your relationships?
  • Are you being obedient in you relationships?
  • What cost are you willing to pay for your disobedience?



Our Father in Heaven, I come to You first repenting for my disobedience. I have not done everything You told me to do and have done things You specifically told me not to do. I also repent for not being obedient in my relationship with others. I repent for allowing outsiders to come in and have a say in my relationships when all I have to do is follow Your instructions. Lord, help me to get my relationships back in order according to how You have it designed for me. Holy Spirit, show me today the areas I need to tighten up in and improve. Help me to take responsibility for my actions and to do better. May all my relationships bring You glory! In Jesus’ name, amen!



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Chantea M. Williams is a chef, author, speaker and mentor, who loves encouraging teen mothers and women to become greater through the word of God. Through her gifts God created the Greater Working Women Ministries. They strive to encourage, empower and equip women from all walks of life to live out their God-given purpose with holy boldness. Philippians 1:6 is the vision verse for everything they do. She was recently ordained as an Elder at Greater Mt. Zion Church in Columbus, MS. Check out her newly released book series for teen moms called I Am Still Somebody™. She has also written The Greater Working Woman Devotional, Volume I & The Greater Working Woman Prayer Book, Volume I. Greater Working Women Ministries will be launching their teen mom mentoring program this Spring. This program will teach teen mothers life skills, parenting skills, how to make and complete their goals, find their passion and many more things they need to be greater women and greater mothers. Most importantly this program will help teen mothers to heal emotionally and affirming that they are Still Somebody. For more information on this program and other products or services please email info@greaterwomen.com.



4 thoughts on “S.O.A.P. Love Day 2

  1. Monique Duell says:

    This is an area where we tend to compromise the most. We have to understand that in the spirit, timing is everything and if we refuse to obey, the results may not always be so favorable. Obedience is not only a requirement, but an act of faith that says to God that we trust Him completely.

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