S.O.A.P. Love Day 4

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Scripture: Genesis 19:15-26, Luke 17:32

Observation: God gifted Abram with a portion of land. Abram and his wife, along with Lot, his nephew, set out to travel together. They reached the fertile valley between Bethel and Ai and settled there with the livestock, tents and personal possessions God had blessed them with. Because Lot was traveling with Abram, he benefitted from God’s blessing and soon accumulated his own wealth.

As the flocks grew, the land couldn’t support all the livestock and arguments broke out between the herdsmen of the two flocks. Abram, being the man of God he was, gave Lot his pick of all the land he owned.

Lot selfishly chose the best piece of land in the country, “well-watered everywhere like the garden of the Lord” (Gen. 13:11 ESV) and they separated and Lot moved to Sodom. The inhabitants of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the Lord (Gen. 13:13 ESV), but Lot overlooked their behavior and became a citizen of Sodom, fully immersing himself in the culture. He chose a wife from among the people and they had two daughters, who married men from the city. Lot and his family lived a life of wealth and were given honor because he was related to Abram.

God lost patience with the cesspool of iniquity in Sodom and decided to destroy the city, but upon hearing this, Abram interceded on behalf of Lot. God sent two angels to warn Lot to get his family out of Sodom before the destruction came. Lot and his wife hosted the angels overnight, and early the next morning tried to hasten Lot and his family out of the city, but they lingered. They were not anxious to leave the luxury, pleasure, and sin of Sodom. The angels, knowing the judgement was near, forcibly removed them from the city.

As fire and sulphur fell out of heaven destroying Sodom, Lot’s wife stopped her escape and looked back at the city, no doubt regretting all that she was leaving behind. As she stood there longing for the pleasure-filled life of notoriety she was familiar with, and not knowing what was ahead for her, she was transformed into a statue of salt.



Compromise causes even a righteousness person to be ineffective.

God in all His mercy couldn’t save Lot’s wife from herself.

Sin destroys.

A marriage based on anything other than God’s principles is bound for destruction.

Placing our faith in worldly pleasures brings disappointment.


Prayer: “Dear Father, in this month when we concentrate on love and relationships, help us focus on you and your kind of unconditional love. Let your example be ever-present in our minds as we live out our lives. Empower us to turn from sin and place our complete trust in You. Give us the strength to resist compromise and to flee from the world’s standards. Allow us to have a flexible spirit that you can mold and make into what You desire. Thank you for your Word and for the real-life examples it contains. Let the New Testament warning to “Remember Lot’s wife” be real to us so that we may avoid the lessons she had to learn the hard way. In the mighty and precious name of Jesus, Amen.”

By: Cathy Biggerstaff


Cathy Biggerstaff

CATHY BIGGERSTAFF writes children’s literature, Christian devotions and poetry. She is published in Pearls of Promise, a Devotional Designed to Reassure You of God’s Love, Mature Living Magazine, ChristianDevotions.us, and is a guest blogger. Cathy is the Director of The Encouragers Christian Writers Group and is on the leadership team for Write2Ignite! Writers Conference. She is also known as “Jewel the Clown” in a Christian clown ministry and uses this unique method to reach people for Christ. Join Cathy as she blogs her “Joyful Journey” at http://www.cathybiggerstaff.blogspot.com and contact her at hiskid410@gmail.com

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