S.O.A.P. Love Day 8

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S: Matthew 1:18-25

O: In this story of the love of Joseph and Mary, Joseph is put in the position to be an earthly father to our Savior Jesus Christ.  However, his betrothed Mary who never KNEW a man was pregnant and Joseph did not want to put her to open shame by accusing her of infidelity or leaving her. In the midst of his seemingly dilemma, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and let him know that the Child (JESUS) Mary was carrying was not the act of infidelity but in fact the act of the Holy Spirit which had come upon her.

Out of obedience to the Spirit, Joseph accepted the love call to Mary and Jesus!  He went ahead and took Mary as his wife without KNOWING (intimately) her until after the birth of Jesus.  It took a lot of courage for Joseph to do what he did, not taking anything away from the courage of Mary.  But, as a man accepting the responsibility of a child that is not genetically/physically his, this action takes resolve and a special kind of integrity that today is unfortunately not easy to come by.  Jesus came from a “blended love” family, and the proof that it was not just a show that was put on for outsiders to see is found in this statement made by others…Matthew 13:55 “Is this not the carpenter’s son?”…

A:  Valuable key points…

*Love is and action word

*This type of love takes courage

*Love breeds good character and integrity

*This love action took major faith and trust in God

*We must learn to look at God’s bigger picture and plan

P: Father, in the name of Jesus Christ…teach us how to love the way you love, teach us how to keep our judgments and pride out of the playing field of unconditional love.  Lord let our love be fueled by compassion, laced with grace and mercy. Teach us how to move unselfishly in love so that we may cross even the blood line…In Jesus’ name Amen!


By: Linda Smedley


Linda SmedleyLinda Y. Smedley is a mother, wife and minister of the gospel, who has a passion for seeing people get delivered, set free and healed through the promises of God.  As a single mother of 4, God chose to use her gifts to start an in home daycare which solidified her love for entrepreneurship.  Trinity4life childcare became more than a daycare service…it catapulted her into ministry, as almost 90% of her daycare parents were single and broken.  Now embarking on a new endeavor with her LadySmedleyDesigns line, where she customizes t-shirts, mugs, drawstring and tote bag and canvas wall art. Linda is customizing the Word of God in a unique way! You can order online at www.thewordcustomized.com. n her horizon is her first book entitled ‘Because of love’, a blogging website titled ‘Hearts exposed’ as well as her Master’s degree in ministry.

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