S.O.A.P. Love Day 9

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Elkanah and Hannah

1 Samuel 1-2:11



The story of Elkanah and Hannah is one that epitomizes the faith of a virtuous woman, reflects real marital issues and relationships in general. Elkanah resided in the hill country of Ephraim and he had two wives; Hannah and Peninnah.  Although Peninnah had birthed Elkanah daughters and at least ten sons, it was Hannah whom he loved more. God had strategically chosen to make Hannah a barren woman. She had no children.  Hannah became bitter in her spirit because Peninnah would daily provoke her in order to irritate her. Hannah had to deal with this atmosphere every day, so she didn’t have the luxury of escaping from it. Sometimes God will allow you to be surrounded by people or just one person that constantly irritates you in order to empty you of unhealthy emotions so that you can be refilled by His love. Even though Hannah became bitter, she didn’t allow bitterness to keep her from using the vehicle of prayer that would get her to state of betterment.


It was customary that the head of the household traveled to Shiloh to give an annual sacrificial offering. When Elkanah would go before priests to worship and offer his sacrifice to the LORD, he gave Peninnah and all of their children a portion, but gave Hannah more. Despite the favor that her husband showed to her, it still did not fill the void in Hannah’s heart.  During Hannah’s visitation at the temple, she went before Eli, the priest, and poured her heart unto the LORD. Eli mistaken her alabaster experience for that of a drunken woman. Hannah assured the priest that she was not drunk. After understanding her distress, he blessed her and said, “go in peace! May the God of Israel grant the request you have asked of him.” Hannah immediately gave thanks to God!


Hannah’s request was for the LORD to bless her with a son and he did.  She named her son Samuel meaning “Because I asked the LORD for him”. Hannah continued to pray and give praises to God for all that he had done. She dedicated Samuel to the LORD and he became a great man of God.



Key points

  • Frustration produces fruit. Any time you are in a challenging situation you have the option to manifest ungodly seeds or the Fruit of God’s Spirit.
  • Bitter to better. When faced with adversity, be determined not to allow bitterness to hold you captive.
  • Barren is a blessing. Do not see your lack as a weakness because God knows how to bless what you have.
  • Focus on your faith. When you choose to focus and trust God, you will be able to get beyond your frustration, bitterness and barren seasons.



Father, God, you are the Great I AM. You are the orchestrator of my life. Thank you for being all that I need you to be. I confess that I have unhealthy emotions about the conditions and circumstances of  my life. Forgive me for being bitter about the things that I personally lack and those voids in my relationships. Help me to keep my mind focused on you so that I can be a better person who produces good fruit that will bless others. May my adversaries get a glimpse of your glory through me. I consider this prayer heard, received and manifested in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


By: Shulanda Hastings




Shulanda J. Hastings is an inspirational writer, Christian counselor and mental health advocate who helps the faith-based community break barriers to a healthy mind and healthy relationships. In her novel series, The Beauty of My Thorns, she unmasks real issues while inspiring hope and healing. She is the founder and pastoral leader of Spirit Realm Divine Manifestation Ministries that provides virtual evangelism, counseling and mental health advocacy. Connect at ShulandaJHastings.com


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