What Not To Say To A Teen Mom

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Speak Life! Don't Condone But Don't Stone



  • You have messed your life up: Now I understand the premises behind this statement but is it really true. Is the life of a teen mom beyond success already because of one act? Are they not able to recover and become a greater woman who can greatly impact the world? Are their children already cursed before they are born? We have all made unwise choices in life that affected more than one just us. Making this declaration over their life is saying that God is not able to restore them. My question for you, “Is there anything too hard for God?” Speak Life Nugget: Encourage them with a positive word and pray for them.


  • How could you have been so stupid? Now you will never be anything: When did you have the power to determine someone else’s destiny? Just because you can’t see past the circumstances doesn’t count them out to be successful. Will things be a little harder? Yes! Will it cost them to give up somethings? Absolutely! But even in all that, there is still an opportunity for them to succeed in life. How do I know? Because God did it for me and countless others. They can still graduate high school and get a diploma. They can still go to college and degrees. Yes, it will take sacrifices but it is still possible. Speak Life Nugget: Don’t curse what you can’t see. Declare that they and their child will succeed in life!


  • You no longer have a life. You can only live for your child now: This statement is so wrong if there ever was one. Yes as mothers we live so our children can live but we also have a life. The dreams and aspirations of teen moms are not counted out. They are STILL SOMEBODY! They are still an individual. They need to know that is okay to live and not just breathe. For years I was only breathing and not living. I didn’t know it was okay because of all the negativity that was thrown at me. I didn’t know that I could pursue my dreams without feeling guilty. A delay in your destiny is not a deny to your purpose! Speak Life Nugget: Encourage them to do a vision board.


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